Astronomy study camp

Inauguration of the new Telescope for the observation of the sky mad a remarkable event and a new venture in the history of St.Michaels school. Along with it a study camp for the astronomy club members were organized.

The new Telescope and the study camp was inaugurated by honoroble Kozhikode MLA Sri. A Pradeepkumar. The school PTA president Mr. Suresh Babu presided over the function. Headmistress Sr.Jaysheela welcomed the gathering. Mr.Alex the headmaster of the BEM school felicitated and congratulated for the new venture. He remarked that the new telescope and the camp will be benefitted even by the reighboring schools as they were also invited for the study camp.Mr.Jinto cheriyan the astronomy club convenor expressed his gratitude towards everyone in the function.

The camp members, parants and teachers observed the sky in the new telescope.The astonomy study camp started at 8pm after the inaugural function. 160 students from St.Michael's school and 40 students from neighboring schools, their parents and teachers participated in the camp. The first session of the camp was conducted by Mr. Jinto cheriyan on the topic"solar system and the Universe" The power point presentation of the Galaxy and the planets widen their knowledge. After the dinner the second session handled by an eminent Astronomer Mr.MPC Nambiar. He introduced the "Stellarium" software for the effective study of the sky, the stars and the constellations. At 10.30 again they watched the sky and observed Venus, Jupiter and its satelites with the help of the new Telescope. At 11.30 they dispersed for the night rest.

Next day on Sunday once again the facility was set up for the sky view. In the clear sky of the dawn they watched moon and Mars which was not visible on the past night. The Astronomy Study camp ended by 5.30 am. Students left the school with lots of information and thoughts and aspiration to become astronomers of the future.

Jinto cheriyan

Astronomy club convener

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Moon Landing Day

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